Homegrown Cup Registration

Homegrown Cup Safety Standards

To register for the Homegrown Cup, all head coaches who will be present at the event must acknowledge that they have read the safety guidelines and agree to uphold safety standards.

1. Players and coaches should not attend the tournament if they or someone in their household are sick.

2. In accordance with CDC and NYS guidelines, all spectators should be prepared to wear a facial covering. 

3. Social distancing is recommended (6 feet apart).

4. Use of hand sanitizer is recommended.

5. Players not in play should wear face masks if they cannot maintain social distance (6 feet apart).

6. Team staff should wear masks at all times.

7. No handshaking before or after matches.

8. Players and coaches should exit the field area quickly following matches in order to minimize contact with other groups. 

Please note that safety standards and practices may change in conjunction with CDC and NYS requirements. 

Homegrown Cup Registration

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