The Homegrown Program is designed to nurture the development of local youth soccer & create modern first team caliber professional players. Flower City Union is committed to accomplishing this by continuously setting the standard for local player development through passion, inclusion, innovation, & excellence. Our offerings are available to all players and coaches and becoming a Homegrown Partner is and forever will be cost free for all clubs.
The Homegrown Program takes three forms:
First is the Player where we develop a competitive mentality, holistic game intelligence, and technical proficiency through a player-centered environment with an interconnected curriculum focusing on cognitive & athletic development in real situations. 
Second is the Coach, where we use engagement initiatives designed to inspire, educate, and involve all coaches in the growth of Rochester soccer. 
Our final piece is the Parent, where we use engagement initiatives designed to inspire, educate, and immerse parents deeper into their child’s sport experience.
For more information on the Flower City Union Homegrown Partner Program, please complete the form.
Flower City Union